Marula Oil Conditioning treatment

The seasons changes are near and so should hair routines! Heat inside homes and office buildings can cause hair to become very dry. So this Fall/Winter season I have added Paul Mitchell’s new MarulaOil deep conditioning treatment to my service list! This is hair care that harnesses the power of RARE, NATURAL MARULA OIL. Wild-harvested in Africa, the oil is COLD-PRESSED to preserve its superior quality and nutrients. This oil is the purest and highest quality possible, with 50% MORE PROTECTIVE ANTIOXIDANTS THAN ARGAN OIL. A high concentration of nutrients and oleic acids help hydrate, repair and moisturize hair at the deepest levels. After just one treatment you will have 80% REDUCED SPLIT ENDS, 80% IMPROVED CONDITION OF HAIR, and 80% MORE SHINE! MarulaOil uses TIME-RELEASE TECHNOLOGY to nourish and hydrate hair throughout the day. Whereas other oils would simply rinse away, MARULASPHERES bond to hair like a magnet and deliver fresh bursts of marula oil every time you touch, style or brush your hair (PaulMitchell). This treatment is by far one of my newest favorites! I will gladly add this service to your next visit or you may go online to to book it for next appointment! Just choose the MarulaOil Treatment option!


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