Benefits of a Custom Install Unit

    It’s a new day! And there are new ways to protect and grow your hair with extensions. Custom install units/U-part wigs is a quickly growing service option with hair care professionals. I have been making and wearing my own since 2010. My personal need came from not having time to sit in another stylists chair to get a traditional sew-in. My lifestyle is a big contributing factor. On average I workout 1-5 times each week and I sweat A LOT! Whether I go in the morning or at night I needed to have the flexibility to restyle my hair without damaging it or completely take my extensions out and reinstall in a short amount of time. Soon after I began taking advanced classes to perfect my newfound hair craft. I then began making them for clients. What I saw next was a great improvement in my own hair as well as my clients. Overall balance of moisture, protein, length and edge retention has been amazing! Even my virgin hair extension benefits from not having to be removed at the track and re-shaped every few months. No more long stints underneath the dryer. Also, the fact that it takes way less time in the salon for the service allows me to service clients within better time frames for reinstallation.  Being able to remove and treat my clients hair every 4, 6, or 8 weeks has greatly reduced excess shedding and doesn’t allow time for mildew to build up. So farewell to the traditional sew-in extensions and hello to custom install wigs!

*Ponytail friendly

*Easy installation

*Easy removal

*Reusable (when using virgin hair)

*Great protective style

*Great for growing hair longer

*It is sewn to a perimeter braid so it WILL NOT COME OFF

*You can use straight or curly hair

*Your hair is practically done when you arrive at the salon! This means LESS TIME in the SALON for your service!

*Easy removal and re-installation means you can have it re-done more often which can help eliminate build-up in the hair and scalp. Very ideal for those who exercise often. No Mildew

*CHEAPER re-installation

“Great hairstyles begin with healthy hair!”