Strengthening (Protein) Treatment Benefits

Great hair is balanced hair! Focusing on replenishing hair with proteins is essential for a balanced head of hair.

About 91% of the hair is made up of protein and amino acids. The protein is keratin. The amino acids are made up hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur. Proteins and amino acids in the hair are the lost everyday. Simple combing, brushing, cleaning or environmental conditions break down these bonds leaving ‘gaps’ in the hair.   Coloring, relaxing and straightening hair  also break down these bonds leaving the hair feeling weak and sometimes brittle.  Administering a protein/amino acid based treatment will help keep hair balanced!

Signs that you are in need of a strengthening treatment include:

Broken, chipping ends

Hair that feels ‘mushy’

Short lived hairstyles                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Hair that is balanced behaves well! On the contrary, too frequent protein treatments can have an adverse effect on the hair (over proteinized) making it hard, dry and brittle.

My favorite protein treatments that I use in the salon include:

Design Essentials Strengthening Treatment System (in-salon treatment only)

Design Essentials Bamboo and Quinoa shampoo and leave-in conditioner

      ColorProof Baobab Heal and Repair shampoo and conditioner

All three give instant, beautiful results!  Hair is left feeling stronger, smoother! Book with me at

Happy Balancing!